International Journal of Law
International Journal of Law
International Journal of Law
Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2020)

Secularism in India: Need for rethinking

Dr. Vipin Malhotra

Since the partition of India, the State has continuously been under ambivalence to carve out a mechanism to keep the various communities together to become a State of its kind. The constituent assembly debates clearly show that the kind of secularism practised in India was not perceived by the lawmakers. Political Parties for There short term benefit fan fired the minority or majority communalism. The lack of consensus amongst the political parties has still left the Indian State at the verge of the situation which was there at the time of partition. There is constant mistrust between the various communities who are not able to digest the concept of secularism in true spirit. Uniform Civil Code is still a mirage for many. Who are genuinely secular Congress’s role has been of appeasement without understanding the true essence of secularism. Inserting the word secularism or socialism into the preamble of the Constitution of India has done no good to the people of India. If the partition of India was believed to be a mistake than the way we are dealing with the notion of secularism would be another blunder. No country could progress without respecting the sentiments of its majority community. The article in detail seeks to understand the intricacies of the concept in the global and recent context.
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