International Journal of Law
International Journal of Law
International Journal of Law
Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2020)

Online contract laws in India and other developed countries in contemporary scenario

Dr. Niranjan Parida

Online contracts have assumed a great importance mainly in terms of reach and multiplicity with advance use of internet and electronic commerce. Online contract or an electronic contract is an agreement modeled, signed and executed electronically, usually over internet. An Online contract is conceptually very similar and is drafted in the same manner in which a traditional paper-based contract is drafted. In case of an online contract, the seller who intends to sell their products, present their products, prices and terms for buying such products to the prospective buyers.. Electronic signatures can be done in different ways like typing the name of the signer‟s in the specific signature space, copying and pasting the scanned version of the signature or clicking an option meant for that purpose. Once the terms are accepted and the payment is made, the transaction can be completed. The communication is basically made between two computers through servers. The online contract is brought to the scenario to help people in the way of formulating and implementing policies of commercial contracts within business directed over internet. Online Contract is modeled for the sale, purchase and supply of products and services to both consumers and business associates.The Information Technology Act-2000 regulates the provisions relating to e commerce in India. The Act contains various administrative and procedural guidelines for all electronic or computer data related transactions. These include electronic documents authentication by way of electronic signature, data protection or deterriining heinous crimes like child pornography. Electronic contracts are born out of the need for speed, suitability and efficiency. Imagine a contract that an Indian exporter and an American importer wish to enter into. One option would be that one party first pulls up two copies of the contract, signs them and couriers them to the other, who in turn signs both copies and couriers one copy back. The other option is that the two parties meet someplace and sign the contract.In the electronic age, the whole contract can be completed in seconds, with both parties simply attaching their digital signatures to an electronic copy of the contract.
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