International Journal of Law
International Journal of Law
International Journal of Law
Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2020)

Phenomenolgy research design for a legal study

Odusanya Temitope Omotola, Sodipo Bankole

Phenomenology research design was adopted for the legal study, a thesis titled legal appraisal of gender diversity and corporate governance in Nigerian quoted companies. This research design was selectively adopted to aid a direct investigation, proper understanding and interpretation of quality data obtained from research participants. The primary sources of data were laws that is, legislation, governmental policies, reports, cases and interviews from prominent participants that revolves around issue of investigation and that are capable of effecting positive changes. Secondary sources of data were mostly derived from the university’s law library, online via electronic e-resources, library archives and database. This research design enabled high quality interactions, detailed responses and feedbacks from Nigerian quoted companies’ top corporate and management team officers such as chief executive officers or managing directors (CEOs/MDs), chief operating officer (COOs) chief financial officer (CFOs), chartered company secretaries and administrators (CoSecs) executive directors (ED) as well as indispensable regulators in different industry strata. The study made some propositions and conclusion based on the logical inference from the diverse interviews recorded, transcribed and collated. Phenomenology research design was unique and fundamental in the successful execution of field work for this study.
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