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Disconsibility between the real transaction price and the price as stated in the transfer of land purchase rights by PPAT (study in Magelang district)
Pages: 01-05  
The challenges and proposed solutions of the taxation of digital economy
Pages: 06-11  
The esenci of direct of regional head in Indonesia
Pages: 12-19  
Commercial surrogacy vs. altruistic surrogacy: A socio-legal analysis and its implications
Pages: 20-26  
Validity of police discretion regarding termination of corruption investigations post-refund of state financial damages
Pages: 27-32  
Landless people’s access to Khas land in Bangladesh: Challenges and recommendations
Pages: 33-37  
The concept of debentures: A doctrinal analysis
Pages: 38-43  
Judicial approach to live-in relationship: Protection and other related issues
Pages: 44-50  
Analytical study of the constitutionally valid parameters for the determination of social backwardness as a base for identification of the backward classes and for application of the reservation policy for them in educational institutions and government employment
Pages: 51-54  
Persero banking corruption criminal review from law number 10 of 1998 concerning banking
Pages: 55-62  
Juridical analysis of implementation of land procurement compensation for toll road construction
Pages: 63-66  
Implementation of qanun number 6 of 2014 concerning jinayat law against online prostitution in the city of Banda Aceh
Pages: 67-72  
Rights & duties of multimodal transport operator under multimodal transportation act 1993: Analysis
Pages: 73-79  
Rights to trademarks as collateral for fiduciary property rights
Pages: 80-86  
A critical examination of responsibility to protect in the realm of international law and human security from third world perspective
Pages: 87-92  
The origin and development of international legal regime protecting human rights: Analysis
Pages: 93-97  
Lifting of the corporate veil
Pages: 98-103  
Legal protection in verbal agreement on chicken farming partnership in Klaten Regency
Pages: 104-108  
Regulation regarding policy for the commanding of criminal acts of arrival flows based on law number 1 PNPS of 1965 juncto article 156 of the kuhp and qanun number 11 of 2002
Pages: 109-113  
Management mechanism of birth certificate in Indonesia
Pages: 114-117  
Informed consent as a patient's legal protection for high risk anesthesia
Pages: 118-123  
Settlement of traditional disputes on errors of implementation of traditional sanctions by pageu gampong
Pages: 124-131  
The legal protection of geographical indication to aceh handicraft as intellectual property: Embroidery aceh
Pages: 132-135  
A critical analysis of media regulation in India
Pages: 136-142  
A study on the rationale behind the provisions of search and seizure in Indian criminal justice system
Pages: 143-147  
National integration and unity of India-hindrances and measures
Pages: 148-151  
The role of public information officer under right to information Act, 2005
Pages: 152-154  
Homosexuality: Not a mental illness
Pages: 155-162  
Force majeure Covid-19 in the implementation of the consumer financing agreement
Pages: 163-172  
Factors causing ineffective notary supervisory assembly impressing the level of violation of notary office in lampung province
Pages: 173-180  
Policy formulation of the criminal action of corruption as IUS constituendum in Indonesia
Pages: 181-187  
The role and response of judiciary in prevention of custodial crimes in India: An analysis
Pages: 188-194  
Adapting the rule against perpetuity with 21st Century
Pages: 195-200  
Strategy of sustainable protection and management on ecosystem area of karst essensial in Trenggalek regency
Pages: 201-211  
Metamorphosing the understanding of executive through the case of Ram Jawaya Kapur
Pages: 212-214  
Male gender preference amongst the igbo tribe of South-Eastern part of Nigeria and its attendant hanker for continuity of family line: Finding healthier solutions in assisted reproductive technology
Pages: 215-221  
Legal protection of sea ship passenger related to safety shiping in the city of Banda Aceh
Pages: 222-224  
The implementation of good faith principle of precontract in common law and civil law country
Pages: 225-228  
Notary responsibility for notarial deeds made
Pages: 229-232  
Judicial review of parliamentary privileges and immunities in India
Pages: 233-237  
The ripening of arbitration in India
Pages: 238-245  
The efforts to utilize village funds in order to prevent criminal actions of corruption in Indonesia
Pages: 246-251  
An analysis on the status of women in Indian subcontinent and upgradation of Indian law in providing safeguard to empower them
Pages: 252-254  
Position of individual victims in the criminal judicial processes in Indonesia
Pages: 255-261