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Foreign corrupt practices act: Path to reduce environmental damage
Pages: 01-05  
Suspension of debt payment obligations as a peace option and debtor’s debt restructuring
Pages: 06-12  
The personal income tax associated with an online self-assesment system based on legal certainty
Pages: 13-17  
Force majeure as the basis of termination of employment in securing company efficiency (Case study of Covid-19 pandemic in airline company)
Pages: 18-22  
Relevance of Benjamin Cardozo’s methods of interpretation in judicial proceedings and the limitations posed by the same principles
Pages: 23-28  
Surety guarantee arrangements concerning advance payment bond in the sale and purchase of coal in Indonesian law
Pages: 29-36  
Contract as implementation of human rights and the principle of freedom of contract in realizing human welfare
Pages: 37-40  
Territorial integrity and self determination-approach of international law
Pages: 41-44  
The extraterritorial application of the Echr after Al-Skeini
Pages: 45-50  
The effects of social media on childrens in India- An analysis
Pages: 51-54  
Digital banking: An important feature in today’s world and its legal effect
Pages: 55-58  
Legal framework preventing hazardous emission from vehicular exhaust in India: Issues and challenges
Pages: 59-65  
The study of the support system available within the body of Iran’s Islamic jurisprudence (Figh) and criminal law and the international body of criminal laws for the female survivors of sexual violence
Pages: 66-69  
Scandalising the judiciary: A re-look into the criminal contempt jurisprudence in India
Pages: 70-74  
Role of letters of credit in international trade
Pages: 75-79  
Electronic evidence evidentiary value
Pages: 80-84  
Indonesia's unilateral action: Juridical restoration of the sovereignty of the outer islands
Pages: 85-91  
The basis of sociological consideration of the judges in deciding the cases of non-muslim heritist in Indonesia
Pages: 92-96  
Cyber forensic: Emerging I.T. trends
Pages: 97-101  
The equal rights of the accused persons of the court and shall be judged by the independent court, no bias, public disclosure of law and practice in Vietnam
Pages: 102-106  
Concept of restorative justice towards light criminal acts perspective of criminal objectives
Pages: 107-112  
Law enforcement regarding health protocols during the covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia
Pages: 113-117  
Alchoholism, drug addiction and crime: A critical analysis
Pages: 118-121  
The appointment of ad-hoc judges in high courts under article 224a of the constitution of India: Emerging judicial trends
Pages: 122-126  
The role of the Israeli lobby in the U.S. How the U.S working against its interest
Pages: 127-129  
Implication of notary obligations in providing services to the public as an official with integrity
Pages: 130-134  
Virtual access to courtroom and live streaming of judicial proceedings in India: Constitutional perspective and emerging judicial trends
Pages: 135-143  
India’s protection of plant varieties and farmer’s right Act 2001: Historical and implementation perspectives
Pages: 144-148  
Ways and means to ensure speedy and timely justice
Pages: 149-152  
Outlook for limited liability companies sharia companies in Indonesia
Pages: 153-159  
Issues of legal certainty of site plan in the sale and purchase of housing in Sukoharjo district
Pages: 160-163  
Relevance of media law on business opportunities
Pages: 164-165  
Mechanism for reducing and abolishing land and building tax administrative sanctions in Karanganayar district
Pages: 166-171  
Halal label packaging of food products circulation consumer protection
Pages: 172-176  
Right to a fair trial in criminal and some solutions to ensure the right to a fair proceedings trial in Vietnam today
Pages: 177-182  
Right to freedom of press since historical to digitalized era: A critical apraisal
Pages: 183-187  
Towards appeals from an industrial court: The national industrial court of Nigeria in focus
Pages: 188-194  
Principle of presumption of innocence in Vietnamese criminal proceedings
Pages: 195-199  
Law enforcement against electoral crimes of regional heads in south Sulawesi
Pages: 200-205  
Modification of divorce laws and procedures in Nigeria: Lessons from India, UK and Australia
Pages: 206-213  
Adultery and the Indian law
Pages: 214-216  
Some measures of compassion towards the offender under Cameroonian criminal law
Pages: 217-225  
Substantive requirements of patentability in India
Pages: 226-230  
The position of the notary supervisory assembly post the decision of the constitutional court no 49/puu-x/2012 in state administrative law
Pages: 231-237