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Domestic violence: Cruelty within walls as a violation of human rights
Pages: 01-03  
Reconstruction of the village consultative body (BPD) empowerment law in demak district based on dignified justice
Pages: 04-09  
Winding up of companies under the companies Act, 2013
Pages: 10-14  
The formulation of substitute of fine punishment in the sector of excise based on the perspective of Indonesian penal policy
Pages: 15-19  
Problems and challenges faced by urban working tribal labourers in Odisha and legal remedies
Pages: 20-23  
Settlement of industrial dispute under IR code
Pages: 24-30  
The land-use change from agricultural to non-agricultural related to the legality of establishing settlements in Boyolali regency, central Java, Indonesia
Pages: 31-36  
Employments acts and migrated labour during Covid-19
Pages: 37-43  
The contour of administrative law
Pages: 44-48  
Foreign direct investment and the Indian economy: Pre and post covid-19
Pages: 49-56  
Liability notary concerning heritage grants that breach the absolute rights (Legitime portie) of the heritage
Pages: 57-59  
Blood diamond: From conflict to illicit-mapping the diamond trade
Pages: 60-76  
Legal efforts at PT. bank tabungan negara (Persero) sharia Indonesia, Surakarta Branch in overcoming obstacles non performing credit
Pages: 77-84  
Outer space mining-An analysis of its legal aspects
Pages: 85-90  
Covid-19 and the never-ending violence against women
Pages: 91-94  
Freedom of press: Issues and challenges in light of media trial
Pages: 95-97  
Management of zakat funds as a source of qardh financing in baitul maal wat tamwil (BMT) in Indonesia zakat regulations
Pages: 98-103  
Cyber conflict and jus in Bello – international humanitarian law on cyber attacks
Pages: 104-107  
Compensation for accidents that resulted in death in case number 315/pid.b/2018/pn. skt in a restorative justice perspective
Pages: 108-117  
Legal consequence of binding a guarantee on land rights with a sale and purchase agreement when the debtor defaults
Pages: 118-122  
Land dispute resolution through the special land courts as a transformative step in agrarian reform in Indonesia
Pages: 123-126  
Bangladesh supreme court and rule of law: Constitutional approach and practice
Pages: 127-135  
Implementation of the principles of accountability, transparency and publicity in maintaining the stability of the foundation management
Pages: 136-141  
Consent in privacy laws: Analysis of India’s PDPB, ECPA of USA and GDPR of EU
Pages: 142-152  
The edifice of capital punishment
Pages: 153-156  
National security, public order and the rule of law: Analysis of the role of the higher judiciary in context of article 14, 19 and 21 of the constitution
Pages: 157-159  
Challenges of implementing anti-monopoly and unfair competition law in creating market efficiency in Indonesia
Pages: 160-164  
Legal Reqiurements for the hybrid contract in financing financial syariah institutions in Indonesia
Pages: 165-170  
Justifiability of the second generation human rights: Problems and prospects including Bangladesh perspective
Pages: 171-179  
An analysis of optimizing the utilization of village treasury lands on the government of Geneng village, Prambanan district, Klaten regency
Pages: 180-182  
An insight into the notion of law, justice and judiciary under Nigerian jurisprudence
Pages: 183-193  
Constitutional mandate for free legal aid in India
Pages: 194-195  
Patents rights over a drug and regulation by cci
Pages: 196-201  
Law enforcement recontruction in the implementation of the prostitution management policy
Pages: 202-206  
Evolutionery process of the philosophy of adminstration of justice
Pages: 207-209  
Legal construction to prevent nominee agreements for right of ownership land in special region of Yogyakarta
Pages: 210-215  
Concept of humane implementation of imprisonment in efforts to protect human rights in Indonesia
Pages: 216-221  
Emerging facet of surrogacy law in India
Pages: 222-224  
The prevalence, reporting and preventing sexual harassment in tertiary institutions in Nigeria
Pages: 225-231  
Legality of stipulating cv as the subject of the right to build land right through a circular
Pages: 232-235  
Directive principles and fundamental rights: Intricacies and precedence
Pages: 236-237  
One nation one election: Challenges and prospects
Pages: 238-241  
Convention for the protection of new varieties of plants: An overview
Pages: 242-245  
Boothwise counting and post-poll violence are challenges to the Indian democracy: Constitutional perspective and judicial approach
Pages: 246-250  
Right to religion and dignity for women in India: Constitutional and judicial articulation
Pages: 251-256