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The shape of war in the 21st century: An analysis of the challenges posed by the of contemporary armed conflicts with reference to international humanitarian law
Pages: 01-06  
Cyber arbitration and the future: The ideal state
Pages: 07-12  
Leasehold interest in property law: A contract or an estate?
Pages: 13-18  
Is media replica of the reality?
Pages: 19-21  
Artificial intelligence and consumer rights
Pages: 22-25  
Information technology act, 2000: an introduction of cyber security provision in India-a study
Pages: 26-29  
Women’s rights under international human rights instruments
Pages: 30-39  
Space tourism: An analysis of its legal aspects
Pages: 40-47  
Analysis of lie detector tests in criminal law
Pages: 48-53  
Juvenile justice system in India: an appraisal
Pages: 54-58  
Juvenile justice in Cameroon: An international law perspective
Pages: 59-70  
Hindu women’s right to land in India: A comprehensive study
Pages: 71-77  
Human rights protection for victim of law misapplication in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 78-82  
Reorienting the law protection for goods and service providers in the procurement corruption case based on justice value
Pages: 83-87  
Institutional investor activism in India: A comparative analysis of the stewardship code in UK and India
Pages: 88-92  
A legal parlance between electronic commerce and the ICT act 2006: Bangladesh perspective
Pages: 93-100  
Waqf property administration in Bangladesh: Challenges and recommendations
Pages: 101-108  
Policy formulation of giving remissions that are oriented towards the interests of convicts in corruption cases in the context of fulfilling the rights of prisoners
Pages: 109-112  
Historical facts and myth in textile and clothing trade protectionism: Lesson for LDCs and Ethiopia
Pages: 113-124  
Procedure policy of the republic Indonesia concerning the termination of prosecutions as an effort to settlement of criminal crimes
Pages: 125-131  
Polluter pays principle; A jus cogen or customary international law
Pages: 132-136  
Farm acts 2020 in India: Socioeconomics and legal assessment and evaluation
Pages: 137-148  
A legal politic study on corrections in human right perspective in Indonesia
Pages: 149-154  
Lay judges to reduce the blindness of justice-fight against crime by changing the punishment system in the states of Moldova and Israel
Pages: 155-162  
The appointment of public officials in Cameroon: An incomplete legal supervision
Pages: 163-170  
Liquidity control, budget monitoring and non-organized monetary markets
Pages: 171-177  
A rigid, pure tripartite separation of the organs of the government and the Cameroonian constitution: A critical appraisal
Pages: 178-183  
The role of the environment agency of Magetan regency in preventing waste pollution b3 tanning industry in Gandong River
Pages: 184-190  
The extent of legality of one-sided humanitarian intervention in international law
Pages: 191-196  
Default in business law in Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia
Pages: 197-201  
Daughters equal right in the coparcenary property in India: Legislative and judicial perspectives
Pages: 202-206  
Constitutional interpretations for meritorious reserved candidate (MRC) in India: Emerging judicial trends
Pages: 207-213