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A critical evaluation of national green tribunal of India
Pages: 01-06  
Evolution and need for sports law in India with regards to current judicial trends
Pages: 07-13  
Legal significance of signing covenant forms by evaluation committees in tendering processes in Tanzania Mainland
Pages: 14-20  
Law politics on regulation of hospital classification based on regulation of the minister of health number 30 of 2019 and number 3 of 2020 based on dignified justice
Pages: 21-26  
Role of Land Acquisition Act, 2013 in Infrastructural Development of India
Pages: 27-31  
Illegal migration and economic challenges with human security in Bangladesh: A way forward
Pages: 32-37  
Legal protection against a person suspected to be a criminal actor from news digital-media that delivered before the legal process
Pages: 38-43  
Major problems in practical applicability of bankruptcy law in Ethiopia: prospect for possible application in future
Pages: 44-48  
The implementation of public private partnership (PPP) as a human rights-based empowerment step for mentally disabilities in Ponorogo regency
Pages: 49-53  
Surrogacy: Need and Relevence
Pages: 54-59  
The Effectiveness of the notary roles as gatekeeper in submitting suspicious financial transactions to PPATK after the enactment of pp number 43 of 2015
Pages: 60-65  
Basic elements and principles of the international violation, with an emphasis on the UN Security Council’s proceedings
Pages: 66-78  
Reconstruction of the authority of judges in Indonesia in performing detention based on justice value
Pages: 79-84  
Reconstruction of duties and authority of the consumer dispute resolution agency (BPSK) in resolving consumer disputes in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 85-90  
Legality of ownership rights to land indicated removal
Pages: 91-97  
Analyses of the challenges faced by the international criminal court in the exercise of its jurisdiction
Pages: 98-105  
The reconstruction of the criminal sanction in the issuance of mineral and coal mining license in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 106-110  
Two side coins of euthanasia: mercy-killing or evil according to human rights, religion, ethics and the law
Pages: 111-118  
Glimpse on narco analysis, polygraph and brain mapping in criminal investigation and trials
Pages: 119-125  
A law perspective: The thin curtain between malpractice and medical risk
Pages: 126-132  
Overseeing and regulatory role of state over the corporate activities
Pages: 133-136  
An Analysis of SPS and TBT Measures: A Case Study of Vietnam Agricultural exports
Pages: 137-141  
Methods for teaching clinic legal edcucation course at Chulalongkorn university: Thailand and recommendations for improvement of law teaching methods at can tho university
Pages: 142-144  
Legal number inconsistency in Indonesia on radio frequency spectrum
Pages: 145-151  
Promoting the rights of women against domestic violence: An incomplete scheme
Pages: 152-156  
Problems of state-owned enterprises contracts that violate the procurement of goods and services procedures
Pages: 157-161  
The implementation of good will principle in oline shopping
Pages: 162-168  
Awareness and perception of cyber-crimes in lawyers, law and computer science students
Pages: 169-176  
Muslim women’s right to lien the property of deceased husband in lieu of dower in light of Privy Council’s decision
Pages: 177-182  
Debtor protection system reform in the implementation of financial technology in Indonesia
Pages: 183-187  
Reconstruction of the Indonesia’s wakaf institution as an independent legal agency to optimize the management of assets of wakaf as an effort to make a just and prosperous state
Pages: 188-194  
Contributions of employment and labour laws to the economic growth of Nigeria: some selected laws in focus
Pages: 195-200  
Insanity defence: A loophole in Indian legal system
Pages: 201-204  
Amending powers of constitution and its limitations
Pages: 205-211  
The role of the letter of indemnity in transaction cargo by sea
Pages: 212-222  
The implementation of profit and loss sharing in the Mudarabah financing agreements at Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (BMT) tumang
Pages: 223-226  
Constitutional and legal provisions for women empowerment in India
Pages: 227-234  
The role of law in empowering women in India
Pages: 235-237  
Public policy versus arbitration: Proposing the see-saw theory to achieve harmonization
Pages: 238-240  
Crimes against women in India: A critical study
Pages: 241-251  
Impeachment power of the legislature and executive unaccountability in Nigeria: Between rhetoric and practice
Pages: 252-263  
Implementation of acquisition duty of right on land and building (BPHTB) taxation at Karanganyar district bkd office based on Karanganyar district regulation no. 14 of 2010
Pages: 264-269  
Jurisprudence of statutory rape
Pages: 270-277  
Factors causing the trademark passing off
Pages: 278-282  
Legal dimensions of prisoner’s right in the light of article 21 of the constitution of India
Pages: 283-286  
Implication of prohibition of single candidate in village heads election (Pilkades) in Indonesia and the completion effort
Pages: 287-291  
A gender based perspective of the effect of insurgency and response effort in northeast Nigeria
Pages: 292-298  
The authority of indonesian prosecutors in eradicating corruption in Indonesia
Pages: 299-309  
The national security model of strengthen a country national resilience philosophy approach republic of Bulgaria and the state of Israel national security test case
Pages: 310-322  
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