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A detailed legal study of toxicology with special reference to narcotics
Pages: 01-07  
Birth registration as an antecedent to nationality right: An assessment of the paradigm shift on the right of the child in Cameroon
Pages: 08-18  
Law and pluralism in legal protection for minority in Indonesia
Pages: 19-23  
Remote sensing and dissemination of information: A legal perspective
Pages: 24-28  
Judicial system in India a critical study
Pages: 29-35  
Role of ADR in access to justice
Pages: 36-40  
An overview of corporate taxation and economic development in Nigeria: A legal approach
Pages: 41-48  
Reconstruction of the regulation of community participation in the formulation of regional regulations in Indonesia based on the value of justice
Pages: 49-54  
Reconstruction of legal protection of children as defendant in the Indonesian juvenile justice system
Pages: 55-60  
A descriptive study on euthanasia: A desired dignified death or devaluation of human lives
Pages: 61-67  
Making the Punishment fit the crime in environmental pollution control and governance: A case for Nigeria
Pages: 68-77  
Female genital mutilation/cutting is a myth or fact in India: A descritive study
Pages: 78-83  
Evaluation of clean slate theory in insolvency & bankruptcy code
Pages: 84-88  
Reconstruction of the regulation of court decision on corruption case in Indonesia based on progressive law
Pages: 89-94  
Reconstruction of legal aid policy for community in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 95-101  
Laws relating to dower and practices in Bangladesh: A study on educated women
Pages: 102-106  
Saving lives via application of Islamic alternative dispute resolution: A review of Maryam Sanda case
Pages: 107-109  
The historical relevance of religion in the development of Omani legal system
Pages: 110-113  
The legality of prenuptial agreement legitimated by notary after constitutional court decree No. 69/PUU-XIII/2015
Pages: 114-117  
The impact of terrorism and counter-terrorism on education in the Far North Region of Cameroon
Pages: 118-122  
E-commerce industry:The sad reality
Pages: 123-128  
Iraqi Kurdistan region’s referendum on the independence under international law
Pages: 129-140  
COVID-19: An overview
Pages: 141-143  
Reconstruction of the supervision policy of notary as a land-certificate maker in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 144-149  
Forms of legal liability for pt kereta api indonesia (Persero) for the loss passenger baggage items
Pages: 150-154  
Legal protection for passengers of perintis light rail transit/LRT South Sumatra based on justice
Pages: 155-160  
Politics of law of article 9 law number 2 of 2012 concerning land procurement for public utilities construction
Pages: 161-165  
Jurisdiction, responsibility & private entities under international space law
Pages: 166-173  
Human rights in the 21st century: Reinvigorating the concept
Pages: 174-177  
Ensuring justice for all: Achievements and challenges after 73 years of independence
Pages: 178-180  
The inclusion of arbitration clauses in carriage of goods contracts a choice or a necessity
Pages: 181-187  
Economic analysis of limited liability of shareholders under ethiopian company law
Pages: 188-195  
Discursus on legal expression in arrangements of corruption eradicationin Indonesia
Pages: 196-203  
How Indian media is facing credibility crisis owing to media ownership by political parties
Pages: 204-206  
The rise of crptocurrency and the present scenario
Pages: 207-211  
Rights and crisis related to migration and refugee in European countries
Pages: 212-217  
Consignment legal requirements that implicateremove the engagement
Pages: 218-224  
AN appraisal of emerging international crimes
Pages: 225-230  
Negative averments and the burden of proof: Some reflections on Ghanaian jurisprudence
Pages: 231-236  
Reconstruction of law protection of land buyers with good intention in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 237-241  
Reconstruction of the legal protection policy for debtors who failed to pay in an online money loan contract based on justice value
Pages: 242-247  
Reconstruction of regional policies in poverty alleviation programs based on welfare values
Pages: 248-254  
The board of Directors personal responsibility for legal actions that harm third parties (Analysis of Supreme Court ruling No: 514 K/PDT. SUS-Bankruptcy/2013)
Pages: 255-258  
Vocal for Local: IPR protection will boost Indian Economy
Pages: 259-263  
Maintenance of widowed daughter-in-law: A duty or a liability
Pages: 264-266  
Business growth and taxation in the post COVID-19 pandemic era in Nigeria: Some critical legal thoughts
Pages: 267-270  
Disruptive technologies and the legal profession
Pages: 271-280  
Appraising the adequacy of the political armor in fight against perpetual exercise of emergency power under the FDRE constitution
Pages: 281-293  
Statutory/common law duty to give reasons: A critical appraisal
Pages: 294-297  
Towards the effective protection of consumers in E-commerce transactions in Nigeria
Pages: 298-305  
Artificial intelligence and its impacts on the society
Pages: 306-310  
The principle of social function in ownershipland rights in Indonesia
Pages: 311-315  
Implications of making legal products (Legislation) that do not involve public participation
Pages: 316-319  
Contemporary legal themes in corporate income tax administration in Nigeria: An overview
Pages: 320-326  
A legal study on corporate environmental responsibility in the light of initiatives taken by the Indian companies
Pages: 327-332  
Impartiality of article 285 of the indonesian criminal code against women victims of rape
Pages: 333-339  
Welfare of child labour: Role of judiciary in India
Pages: 340-345  
The legal regime for tax enforcement in Nigeria: An appraisal
Pages: 346-353  
Transplant tourism of organ transplantation: A reason for commericilsation of organ donation in India
Pages: 354-358  
Building a modern public court based on a quality assurance accreditation system towards a court of excellence in Indonesia
Pages: 359-364  
Reconstruction of legal policies on notary as witnesses based on justice value
Pages: 365-370  
Analyzing the concept of wills under different schools of Muslim Personal Law: A detailed study
Pages: 371-375  
All forms of violence against children: An international legal obligation of Bangladesh under CRC
Pages: 376-381  
The role of Bangladesh judiciary in establishing and promoting the rule of law in the country: An evaluation
Pages: 382-389  
Philosophy of law as a teaching source of legal norm: An analysis of the philosophical basis of human rights regulations in the 1945 constitution of the Republic of Indonesia
Pages: 390-394  
Reconstruction of the law politics on the protection of workers in employment termination disputes in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 395-399  
Reconstruction of the criminal act of prostitution penal responsibility in the Indonesian penal code based on justice value
Pages: 400-404  
Reconstruction of the regulation of legal protection for land rights holders in the process of granting industrial location permit in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 405-410  
Reconstruction of law on inter-religion marriage in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 411-416  
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