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Advertising by advocates in India: The right to advertise professional ethics
Pages: 01-03  
Impact of COVID-19 on global trade and Indian scenario
Pages: 04-08  
Criminal law reforms in India: Expectations & prospects
Pages: 09-15  
Prosecution system in India and France: A comparative analysis
Pages: 16-18  
Bankruptcy Law working in Covid-19
Pages: 19-24  
Human trafficking on globe: review of legal framework and the situation
Pages: 25-28  
Reconstruction of legal protection of household workers in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 29-35  
Law, legal theory and practice of customary arbitration in Nigeria
Pages: 36-41  
The protection of the rights of the taxpayer: A legal conundrum in Nigeria
Pages: 42-48  
The phenomenon of multiple nationality and its implications under Cameroonian law
Pages: 49-56  
Cyber crime
Pages: 57-65  
An overview of child custody laws in India
Pages: 66-70  
Creation of Charge
Pages: 71-76  
National green tribunal (NGT) in vizag gas leak case: Strict liability versus absolute liability: Aristotle’s distributive justice and corrective justice vis-à-vis fairness conception in tort law
Pages: 77-82  
Admissibility of electronic evidence in the courts of India and United Kingdom: A detailed analysis
Pages: 83-86  
The effectiveness of environmental law in the context of granting permits, supervision and application of administrative sanctions as a prevention of pollution and environmental damage in Indonesia
Pages: 87-92  
India and United Nations security council permanent membership: A reality or an illusion?
Pages: 93-101  
Tribunalisation and separation of powers in Indian context: A critical study
Pages: 102-107  
Surrogacy: Venture of the womb
Pages: 108-110  
Judicial intervention in enforcement of international arbitral awards: A critical study
Pages: 111-118  
Social Security: International labour organization and India
Pages: 119-125  
Prominences and challenges of imprisonment and juvenile detention alternatives in the penal code of Afghanistan
Pages: 126-131  
Role of basic structure under Indian constitution
Pages: 132-136  
Biopiracy: The eclipse of indigenous knowledge in India
Pages: 137-143  
Stabilization and renegotiation clauses in international energy transactions
Pages: 144-152  
Rejuvenating Indian constitution: A perspective of section 377 and Sabrimala verdict
Pages: 153-158  
Juridical basis of judges' decisions under particular minimum crimes in narcotics criminal cases
Pages: 159-164  
The principle of non-refoulement and the protection of refugees in international law: What prospect for application under Cameroonian refugee law
Pages: 165-172  
Reconstruction of the role of advocates in enforcing the bankruptcy law based on justice value
Pages: 173-178  
Alcohol: A temporary prohibition needed in COVID 19
Pages: 179-180  
The finance act, 2019: a fiscal stimulus for economic diversification, corporate mergers and acquisitions in Nigeria
Pages: 181-187  
Reconstruction of regional election regulation post-1945 constitution amendment in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 188-193  
Reconstruction of imprisonment sanctions regulation in the book of criminal law (KUHP) based on justice value
Pages: 194-199  
Reconstruction of courier's criminal responsibility on illegal drug trading based on justice value
Pages: 200-204  
The Interplay between IP Law and Media Rights: The need of a harmonized legal framework
Pages: 205-213  
Role of Indian judiciary towards implementation of judicial review in India: An evaluation
Pages: 214-220  
Role of judiciary during COVID-19 pandemic in India
Pages: 221-223  
Reconstruction of policy for saving country's financial losses in handling corruption criminal case in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 224-229  
The regulation of online streaming services by the government
Pages: 230-236  
An exhaustive study on CIRP proceedings under the insolvency and bankruptcy code, 2016
Pages: 237-245  
Health and safety under Nigerian laws: A comparative analysis
Pages: 246-252  
Basics of investment arbitration: An Indian context
Pages: 253-255  
Optimalization of resolution of trademark disputes through arbitration in Indonesia
Pages: 256-260  
Effect of the cyber crime act on the police power of search in Nigeria
Pages: 261-263  
Domination of the implementation of corruption eradication law to banking law on banking crime
Pages: 264-268  
Law`s challenge to curb growing cyber crime after Covid -19
Pages: 269-271  
Personal Data and Privacy: in and Post Puttaswamy
Pages: 272-275  
International criminal court and liability of china during COVID-19
Pages: 276-278  
Implications of COVID-19 on competition law in India
Pages: 279-282  
The relevance of sub-district head as a temporary land deed official on current development especially in Wonogiri Regency
Pages: 283-286  
Future of artificial intelligence in legal system
Pages: 287-293  
Digital signature-the electronic fingerprints
Pages: 294-296  
The whamming rationality jinxed by reality: Case analysis of Perkins Eastman architects DPC & ANR. V. HSCC (India) LTD
Pages: 297-303