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Economic analysis of tort liability
Pages: 01-07  
Reconstruction of legal use of state's land by people as an embodiment of welfare state based on justice value
Pages: 08-14  
Reconstruction of law enforcement of state land possessed by community based on value of justice: Study in the directorate general of water resources of Indonesia
Pages: 15-21  
Reconstruction of duties and authority of inheritance certificate-making institution in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 22-28  
Role of Law in the containment of community spread of COVID-19 Pandemic in India
Pages: 29-33  
Law enforcement of money politics in general election in Indonesia
Pages: 34-37  
Eequality in marriage and family life in kurdistan regional government- Iraq
Pages: 38-46  
Misleading concept of implementation of restorative justice in the case child trafficking who put parents as perpetrators
Pages: 47-53  
Women trafficking in India
Pages: 54-60  
Effect of will on those subject to customary Law in Nigeria
Pages: 61-69  
An examination of some factors militating against right to education in Nigeria
Pages: 70-73  
Structuring of multi-national company (MNC) PT Freeport Indonesia to be a state-owned company
Pages: 74-80  
Human rights and disadvantageous section of the society of India: A study
Pages: 81-83  
The socio-legal and economic implications of street vending prohibitive laws in major cities in Nigeria
Pages: 84-91  
Implementation of “follow the money” approach in money laundering legal instruments for effective asset recovery in corruption
Pages: 92-97  
Consumer protection law 2019: New challenges for consumer rights
Pages: 98-100  
Foreign direct investment under UAE and Jordanian Laws
Pages: 101-112  
Modus operandi to apprehend reasoning from observation: Determining ratio of a judgement
Pages: 113-117  
Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice
Pages: 118-123  
Reconstruction of the complete systematic land registration regulation based on justice value
Pages: 124-127  
A comparative legal analysis of the fault elements for criminal responsibility in the prosecution of crimes in Nigeria
Pages: 128-133  
Implementation of online public prosecution cases bysurakarta state prosecutor's office as form of progressive law enforcement
Pages: 134-139  
Rising cyber-crimes threatening Indian web security: A legal analysis
Pages: 140-145  
The legal regime for arbitration in international tax disputes in the emerging global market: The Nigerian experience
Pages: 146-151  
Exploring the role of dissenting opinions in human rights jurisprudence: Indian perspective
Pages: 152-155  
Reconstruction of notary's civil-liability in the case of deed-making malpractice based on justice value
Pages: 156-161  
The legal implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on commercial, employment and insurance contracts
Pages: 162-167  
Application of deductive reasoning for determining relevancy of facts a new perspective of an old issue
Pages: 168-172  
Oil refineries in Kurdistan: A study of their environmental impact on, humans and their livelihood
Pages: 173-177  
Compulsory licensing of pharmceutical drugs: A tool for achieving balance between healthcare and patent rights
Pages: 178-183  
Investigating the effectiveness of the judicial review practices whitin Indonesian legal system
Pages: 184-190  
The synergy between law and politics: An overview of 2019 elections in Nigeria
Pages: 191-198  
A study of its implementation over the past two decades
Pages: 199-202  
Confidentiality and data protection in the electronic fund transfer
Pages: 203-206  
Role of sri sarvada foundation
Pages: 208-210  
Right to religion in India during the outbreak of Covid-19
Pages: 211-212  
Evaluating the moral permissibility of torture is legalisation of torture the path forward
Pages: 213-218  
Reconstruction of diversion policy regulation in a child-suspect case investigation handling in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 219-223  
Reconstruction of legal policy on online prostitution crime in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 224-230  
The dream which emancipated children with disability: A socio-legal analysis
Pages: 231-236  
Reconstruction of environmental management in the development of steam powerplant in batang district of Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 237-241  
Reconstruction of the mudharabah financing contract in sharia banking based on justice value
Pages: 242-247  
Reconstruction of regulation on roles of communities in the formation of regional regulation creation on street vendors in Purwokerto city of Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 248-253  
The amotekun question: towards achieving a win-win outcome through the ADR instrumentality
Pages: 254-260  
COVID-19: A global cause
Pages: 261-263  
Laws relating to the protection of the rights of inter-state migrant workers in India: A critical analysis
Pages: 264-268  
A critical analysis on data protection and privacy issues in India
Pages: 269-279  
Human trafficking and its legal framework in India
Pages: 280-282  
An overview of prolonged African Crisis and its solution
Pages: 283-292  
The concept of fair and equitable treatment: Toward host country is not only vague but also created uncertainty as to what to be expected of private foreign investors (TNC)
Pages: 293-299  
Legis ratio of governance of water resources
Pages: 300-305  
The legal challenges of decriminalizing non-voluntary euthanasia
Pages: 306-312  
Human rights education: A must for conveying ‘common language of humanity
Pages: 313-317  
Influence of labor union advocacy as a determinant increating harmonious industrial relations: A study in Indonesia
Pages: 318-326  
Role of social media & communication during the period of Covid-19 pandemic
Pages: 327-329  
Indian courts during Covid: focusing judicial activism in trying times of pandemic 2020
Pages: 330-332  
Death penalty in India: Need of the hour
Pages: 333-334  
Fair practice standard under copyright law of Ethiopia: The case of education
Pages: 335-345