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Trafficking in women and children in India in the context of judicial response method & strategy of prevention-a socio-legal study
Pages: 01-09  
History of eminent domain in India
Pages: 10-13  
Commercial arbitration in India and recent developments
Pages: 14-15  
Politic ofeconomy law in Indonesia: Land certification program in the framework of legal certainty on land title and its impact on community economic empowerment
Pages: 16-23  
Constitutional Rights: Protection towards girl child
Pages: 24-25  
Underground space:The concept of property right based on theory of property rights perspective
Pages: 26-34  
Importance of marital relations in the trend of divorce
Pages: 35-37  
Opportunities and challenges of traditional institutions and leaders in Ethiopia: The case of guraghe society
Pages: 38-48  
The relevance of judges' decisions in the settlement of traffic crimes based on decision number 77/pid/2019/pt smg
Pages: 49-52  
Surrogate advertising: A legal perspective
Pages: 53-56  
Parallel litigation and arbitration
Pages: 57-61  
Gender as basis of decisions making: Women in judiciary and grass root level democracy
Pages: 62-65  
Excavating politics of law about legal settlement of single traffic accidents due to damaged roads
Pages: 66-69  
Nigerian intestacy law: Appraising the impact of the pluralist system
Pages: 70-74  
Need for legislation in the field of crypto currency
Pages: 75-77  
The role of village consultants agency in the welfare state function on the implementation of decision of village legal products
Pages: 78-80  
Philosophy and legal basis of corruption crime settlement based on the value of state losses through economic approaches to the law in Indonesia
Pages: 81-88  
The justice principle in the agreement on the implementation of public railway infrastructure in Indonesia
Pages: 89-93  
Database protection under copyright law
Pages: 94-100  
An insight into Ramsar convention and Ramsar sites in India
Pages: 101-104  
The status of Rechtsverwerking in the land registration system in Indonesia
Pages: 105-108  
Analysis of lifting of corporate veil
Pages: 109-115  
Outer space treaty of 1967: Having loopholes?
Pages: 116-119  
Legal standing and consequences for creditors on privately made deeds of fiduciary guarantee based on guarantee law in Indonesia
Pages: 120-124  
Law relating to environmental protection and conservation of natural resources in India
Pages: 125-127  
Changing dynamics of the liabilities of intermediaries in cyber space
Pages: 128-134  
Japan’s whale hunt and corresponding role of the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora
Pages: 135-137  
Abortion as a private choice
Pages: 138-141  
Study of the human rights of the elderly in India
Pages: 142-147  
Reconstruction of death penalty sanctions in corruption acts based on the value of humanity and justice
Pages: 148-151  
Legal reconstruction in dealing with rehabilitation cases for drugs abusers based on justice value
Pages: 152-157  
Reconstruction of public policy in the role of cooperative business entities in the field of construction services based on justice value
Pages: 158-161  
Reconstruction of judge's decision regarding drug rehabilitation based on dignified justice value
Pages: 162-166  
Reconstruction of land registration policy on granting building use rights to a state owned enterprise pln in central java
Pages: 167-173  
Juvenile Delinquency
Pages: 174-177  
Increasing the IBC minimum threshold: A notification passed in larger interest and larger complexities
Pages: 178-180  
An analysis of patent act, 1970 and its implications on pharmaceutical industry
Pages: 181-185  
Legal appraisal of corporate governance and gender diversity on Nigeria’s corporate board
Pages: 186-191  
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