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Intellectual property and outer space: The need of international harmonized legal framework
Pages: 01-03  
Jurisprudential review of the countrywide civil register
Pages: 04-10  
Compensation and restitution principles of child sexual crime victims based on justice value
Pages: 11-17  
Philosophical, sociological and judicial foundation as a means of reconstructing the law of Koperasi in Indonesia based on the value of justice
Pages: 18-25  
Recent data protection regulations: For protection or violation of privacy/ A detailed analysis
Pages: 26-30  
The contours of judicial activism: An appraisal
Pages: 31-32  
Law related to maintenance of second wife in India
Pages: 33-36  
Media trial and Indian legal system
Pages: 37-40  
The right to self determination: An analysis of the issues concerning the (non) recognition of Biafra in 1967
Pages: 41-45  
The reform of legal protection for creditors in the implementation of fiduciary guarantee registration policy in indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 46-50  
Protecting ‘well known’trademarks
Pages: 51-60  
Sedition Law: A comparative view in India with other countries
Pages: 61-65  
Locational Difference in road surface quality in Calabar Urban: The Legal and Planning Implication
Pages: 66-71  
The reconstruction of norm of environmental management statements submission to reach licensing based on community participation
Pages: 72-79  
The rights of minorites under the constitution of India
Pages: 80-83  
Judicial control on pro-rate in decision
Pages: 84-88  
Reconstruction of legal sanctions policy on illegal fishing evidence eradication based on welfare value
Pages: 89-94  
Reconstruction of regulations on the provision of drugs mixed by medical personnel based on value of justice
Pages: 95-100  
Regulation reconstruction supporting sea transportation connectivity in the sea-toll program based on pancasila justice value
Pages: 101-105  
Reconstruction of protection of severe human rights violations victim in Indonesia
Pages: 106-112  
Reconstruction of criminal sanctions in the Indonesian penal code on abortion offender based on justice value
Pages: 113-116  
Economic self-dependence and woman empowerment
Pages: 117-120  
The implications of notarial deed made by the notary with suspect status
Pages: 121-124  
Phenomenolgy research design for a legal study
Pages: 125-129  
Corruption in MGNREGA: A case study of district Kulgam
Pages: 130-137  
The problematics of obtaining the building rights title upon the payment of the housing loan in real estate z Surabaya
Pages: 138-143  
An analysis of proportionality principlesin profit-sharinginvestment agreement between BUMDes (Village-Owned Enterprises) Tirta Mandiri and Villagers asinvestor in Ponggok Village Polanharjo district Klaten regency
Pages: 144-148  
Attempt to suicide: An atrocious law of India
Pages: 149-152  
Applicability of law to LGBT community: shortfalls and challenges
Pages: 153-156  
War crimes
Pages: 157-161  
Basic law consideration of the supreme court to decide the non-uslim heritage experience with wasiat wajibah
Pages: 162-165  
Fight against corruption in India: An uphill battle?
Pages: 166-169  
Global climate justice and regime of international responsibility under international law
Pages: 170-176  
Legal implications of Cryptocurrencies and regulatory controls in India
Pages: 177-184  
Environmental protection and human rights in Ethiopia
Pages: 185-187  
The right to safety and health of workers in floriculture industry: The case of floriculture industry in and around Batu/Ziway (Ethiopia)
Pages: 188-198  
Law development on cash waqf (Al Nuqud) to electronic waqf (E-Waqf) for public welfare
Pages: 199-208  
Dualistic law enforcement system for conventional traffic violations compared to electronic tickets
Pages: 209-213  
Settlement of disputes of build, operate and transfer contracts in specialized ports
Pages: 214-220  
Welfare of the children: The paramount consideration
Pages: 221-223  
Liabilities and responsibilities in respect of space activities
Pages: 224-227  
India and its space Policy: An analysis of regulating mechanism
Pages: 228-230  
Secularism in India: Need for rethinking
Pages: 231-236  
Online contract laws in India and other developed countries in contemporary scenario
Pages: 237-244  
White collar crime in India
Pages: 245-248  
Rights of the elderly people: A legal framework analysis
Pages: 249-255  
Corporate criminal liability in Nigeria: Converging ethics and prescriptive compliance principles to minimize money laundering and terrorism financing risks
Pages: 262-267  
Application of human rights to intestate succession: The conflict of approaches
Pages: 268-273  
The role of non statutory mitigating factors in capital sentencing in Bangladesh: A critical appraisal
Pages: 274-281