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An effective model of decision-making by judges in preventing disparity of sentencing in criminal acts in corruption cases in Indonesia
Pages: 01-05  
Judicial review of administrative discretion
Pages: 06-09  
The effectiveness of provisory measures (MPs) in Brazil
Pages: 10-16  
Legal protection as well as possible of heritage rights of outside children after decision of the constitutional court number 46/ PUU-VIII/ 2010
Pages: 17-20  
Development of space law during cold war
Pages: 21-27  
Yogyakarta sultanate concept as a subject of land ownership right
Pages: 28-30  
Reconstructing the cultural heritage in the designation of Penyengat islands in Tanjung Pinang city Indonesia as a world heritage based on justice value
Pages: 31-36  
Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS): Reform proposals and their associated hidden risks
Pages: 37-41  
Cross examination of witnesses and value of expert evidence: Two major aspects of the Indian evidence act, 1872
Pages: 42-45  
Child Rights: Constitutional, National and International Framework: A Judicial Analysis
Pages: 46-54  
Democracy: The “Cracy” which prevents the “Crazy”
Pages: 55-57  
Medical negligence and law in global perspectives
Pages: 58-60  
Civil relations regulation after the expiration of building rights
Pages: 61-64  
The right of investor in tax and customs exceptions under investment laws of Kurdistan region and Iraq: A comparative study
Pages: 65-68  
Limits of unification principle under CISG: The direct referral to the national law
Pages: 69-75  
Doctrine of stare Decisis
Pages: 76-79  
Reformation on the role and responsibilities of the pamong praja police in the enforcement of regional rule of batam city number 16 of 2007 concerning general-based provisions and regulations
Pages: 80-84  
Reconstruction of foreign investment policy in indonesia based on social justice values
Pages: 85-90  
Reconstruction of authority to calculate country financial damages in corruption case in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 91-97  
Apply case-study and modular teaching methods in law education
Pages: 98-102  
Provisions of criminal offenses committed by children according to Dalihan natolu kinship
Pages: 103-106  
Legal protection of indigenous people and communities in Mexico
Pages: 107-109  
Study on international environmental justice in the dimension of environmental benefits: An exploration of fair sharing of environmental benefits in the philosophy of environmental law
Pages: 110-116  
Comprehensive study of Develpoment of right to privacy in India with special reference to constitutional provisions
Pages: 117-122  
Socio legal outlook of corporate social responsibility and practices in India
Pages: 123-128  
Cyber-crime investigations issues and challenges
Pages: 129-134  
General principles of statutory interpretation with special reference to golden rule & mischief rule
Pages: 135-140  
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