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Impact of globalization on Indian legal education system: An analytical study
Pages: 01-05  
The United Nations convention on contracts for international sale of goods (CISG) 1980 and the applicable legal rule for its interpretation
Pages: 06-17  
Environmental law: A war against environmental crime
Pages: 18-22  
Aspects of investment law that give legal certainty and legal protections in the border regions of Indonesia
Pages: 23-28  
The law enforcement of land registration system and procedures for the issuance of land rights certificates in Indonesia
Pages: 29-37  
Is the independent judiciary important in Bangladesh? A legal and economic study
Pages: 38-49  
Analytical study of Democracy in Indian
Pages: 50-54  
Series 1 Senegal’s new corporate governance code assessment: proven itself elsewhere, can the copied content be applied to Senegalese companies?
Pages: 55-59  
Series 2 Senegal’s new corporate governance code assessment: Corporate Governance in Senegal and its dynamics
Pages: 60-63  
Series 3 Senegal’s new corporate governance code assessment: The Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Senegal
Pages: 64-70  
Legislation and social change
Pages: 71-74  
FDI in Defence Sector: Legal issues and challenges
Pages: 75-80  
Abuse of power in the perspective of administrative law in Indonesia
Pages: 81-86  
The implementation of the responsibility to protect in the Malian crisis since 2012
Pages: 87-93  
Sea collision rules and damage liabilities in Nigeria
Pages: 94-98  
Minors Rights Protection Mechanisms in Georgia
Pages: 99-103  
LLP: A hybrid composition of company and partnership firm
Pages: 104-106  
Land and development in Nigeria: An appraisal of slum tenancy
Pages: 107-114  
Constitutional Prespective of speedy Justice in India
Pages: 115-120  
Legal consequences in the delegation of medical authority to nurses: the Indonesian legal perspective
Pages: 121-128  
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