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A revision of the attitude of the French punitive legislation on the idea of the right to the digital oblivion
Pages: 01-08  
Limitation on taking cognizance
Pages: 09-14  
The transactions of Black Money: A serious threat to economy
Pages: 15-18  
Evaluation of the provisions of the Turkish code of obligations concerning the termination of lease contracts by litigation due to reasons arising from the lessor
Pages: 19-27  
Will remediation ever be enough? The environmental pollution tragedy
Pages: 28-30  
A review of law and procedure governing recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Tanzania
Pages: 31-42  
A theoretical analysis of the principles of natural justice: Bangladesh perspective
Pages: 43-47  
An overview on implementation of annex V-MARPOL 73/78 in Vietnam
Pages: 48-55  
Discriminatory admission practices: A violation of the right to higher education
Pages: 56-59  
South African model of access and benefit sharing and its implication for India
Pages: 60-64  
Delegation of management authority of the board of directors in joint-stock companies in Turkey
Pages: 65-74  
Critical analysis of Provision for 'Cost' under civil procedure code, 1908
Pages: 75-81  
The efforts of the fraud prevention harming banks in the transactions of letter of credit
Pages: 82-86  
Child pregnancy in Modern Nigeria: A socio-legal analysis
Pages: 87-95  
Confronting the edifice of corruption under section 308 of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria
Pages: 96-101  
An analytical study on the rights of arrested and accused person in India and Malaysia
Pages: 102-107  
Impact of Human Rights on the Law of Immunities
Pages: 108-114  
Predatory pricing: An enigmatic insertion
Pages: 115-120  
Application of the ecotourism policy principles in the management strategy of sangiran as world heritage site
Pages: 121-125  
Destruction of cultural property as a war crime: Breaking new ground in the quest for accountability
Pages: 126-132  
Criminal justice system and violence against women in changing legal paradigm in India
Pages: 133-137  
Constitutional requirement for a division within the supreme court of India
Pages: 138-142  
Impact of Globalization on Rights to education in comparative learning methods (Generally, and Islamic learning Methods)
Pages: 143-148  
Socio-demographic and familial factors as correlates of juvenile delinquency
Pages: 149-154  
Legal and illegal uses of the 226Ra isotope
Pages: 155-157