International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

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Right to Salary/Earned wages of Public Servants: An overview
Pages: 01-03  
Executive implementation of directive principles of state policy in Nigeria: Lessons from Indian
Pages: 04-13  
The feasibility of the application of the arm’s length principle in transfer pricing
Pages: 14-18  
The role of prosecution authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic in ensuring the rights of people with disabilities
Pages: 19-21  
Protect net neutrality: Need for law
Pages: 22-24  
Human trafficking definition under international and Vietnamese legal framework
Pages: 25-29  
Default insurance and Surety bonds: The difference and how they operate
Pages: 30-32  
Institutional autonomy and enforcement of competition law: The case of Ethiopia
Pages: 33-38  
Examining the search of persons under section 50 of the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act, 1985
Pages: 39-40  
Koskenniemi on sovereignty and global Governance
Pages: 41-48  
Consumer law and policy in Africa: The mauritian mixed system case study
Pages: 49-57  
An insight into Indian perspective in defence to action of passing off & trademark infringement
Pages: 58-62  
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