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Isn’t conciliation a best alternative!
Pages: 01-05  
The creation of international criminal court
Pages: 06-09  
Evaluating commercial arbitration in Nigeria
Pages: 10-13  
What a written constitution might contain and other forms of supplementary constitution
Pages: 14-16  
Juvenile Justice in India
Pages: 17-21  
Treatment of terminally ill patients and death with dignity bill, 2018: Legalizing assisted suicide in India through a concrete legislation
Pages: 22-26  
The second phase of Nigerian constitution under the British imperial rule (1951-1959)
Pages: 27-30  
Redress for infringement of indigenous rights under international law: How fair are the remedies?
Pages: 31-38  
Aviation safety legal review based on act number 1/2009 related with the authority of local government and passenger protection in air transport business activities
Pages: 39-49  
The centralization of agrarian politics of law in the decentralization era in Indonesia
Pages: 50-58  
Beginning of the Nigerian constitutional development under the colonial rule 1914-1926
Pages: 59-61  
Geo-informatics assessment of urban heat impact within clustered building zones: A quantitative evidence for the enactment and enforcement of environmental friendly building laws in Calabar metropolis
Pages: 62-70  
Analysis of disparity of punishment: Study of district court and high court decision of corruption of Manado, Indonesia
Pages: 71-74  
Addressing fiscal evasion: A comparative analysis between Mauritius and South Africa
Pages: 75-82  
The challenges of cyber-warfare in the application of international humanitarian law (IHL): A critical examination of IHL rules in addressing those challenges
Pages: 83-88  
Delinquent directors under the Mauritius companies Act 2001: A comparative study
Pages: 89-93  
Economic Jurisprudence: A Nepalese legal perspective
Pages: 94-101  
Constitutional framework of legal rights, legislative enactments and judicial approach towards safeguarding the rights of child in India
Pages: 102-107  
Salient features of juvenile justice act 2015: Comparative study with UK
Pages: 108-117