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Beneficiaries of maritime liability limitation in Nigeria
Pages: 01-04  
Emerging trends of pollution: A critical appraisal of combating law in India
Pages: 05-08  
Institutional governance of banks
Pages: 09-16  
Judicial approaches in protection of environment and environmental degradation in India
Pages: 17-20  
Legal protection against victims in compulsory diversion based on law number 11 year 2012 about the criminal justice system
Pages: 21-26  
Child/Juvenile trials under the criminal justice administration in Nigeria: An urgent compulsion for reformations
Pages: 27-33  
The protection of refugees in the United States
Pages: 37-45  
Justice Chelameswar: Teleological and comparative schools of Interpretation
Pages: 46-51  
The manual scavengers act, 2013: A legislative move from criminalisation to rehabilitation
Pages: 52-55  
Counter measures in combating illicit financial flows and money laundering in Nigeria
Pages: 56-64  
Right to reproductive health: Barriers to realization of rights by women
Pages: 65-69  
Towards prevention of unlawful proliferation of small arms and light weapons in Nigeria
Pages: 70-80  
Comparative analysis of divorce laws: A look into the divorce laws of Islamic world
Pages: 81-88  
Legal protection for women in transcendental-based Marriage (Analysis of Underage Marriage)
Pages: 89-94  
Role of legislature and Indian judiciary in protection and prevention of environmental degradation
Pages: 95-99  
Child sexual abuse in context with India
Pages: 100-106  
Corporate governance and its role in strengthening the Indian economy
Pages: 107-109  
Mental illness and juvenile offenders
Pages: 110-119