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Issues of personal data protection and privacy policy: A comparative analysis for different countries
Pages: 01-08  
Legal issues and challenges of cross-border merger and acquisition under the companies Act 2013
Pages: 09-14  
Patent pooling in the Indian scenario
Pages: 15-21  
Money laundering in Malaysia, regulations and policies
Pages: 22-26  
Social governance as basis for people’s co-existence
Pages: 27-30  
Revisiting the ‘Sovereignty’ argument against the migrant workers convention: A view from the vulnerability of foreign ‘Trainees’ in Japan
Pages: 31-38  
The effect of international oil pollution accountability and edicts in the guarding the marine environment on international level: An analysis
Pages: 39-42  
An exploration of international law on cyber hacking for protection of human rights
Pages: 43-45  
A general introduction of consumer protection act, 1986
Pages: 46-48  
Overview of key sections of Nigeria’s money laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2012
Pages: 49-58  
Cyber crime and judicial perspective with special reference to bank frauds
Pages: 59-62  
Legal framework for regulating reporting rules under the code of civil procedure of Jordan: Comparative study
Pages: 63-71  
The new world of international trademark in support of WTO-TRIPs with special reference to USA and EU
Pages: 72-77  
Media coverage of trials: A legal uncertainty
Pages: 78-82  
Protection of human rights of children: A socio-legal study of international conventions, constitutional and statutory provisions
Pages: 83-85  
Gender quotas and women’s political representation in national legislatures of the world
Pages: 86-90  
An analytical study of decreasing rate of conviction in India
Pages: 91-94  
Independence of judiciary in India
Pages: 95-97  
The journey of triple Talaq in India
Pages: 98-102  
Critical appraisal of Talaq-e-biddat bill and a way forward
Pages: 103-107  
Judicial review and government contracts: An appraisal
Pages: 108-113  
Women gender issues and law
Pages: 114-116  
An analysis of winding up of companies under Indian Companies act 2013
Pages: 117-122  
KYC norms in India: Issues and challenges
Pages: 123-127  
Child trafficking: A crime against the asset of the nation
Pages: 128-130  
Minorities’ right to education under the constitution of India
Pages: 131-137  
Violence against women in India: A study of the protective role of national human rights commission
Pages: 138-148  
International humanitarian law and the protection of civilians: An easy targets in the armed conflicts
Pages: 149-153  
Intellectual property rights in the light of the Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030
Pages: 154-156  
Role of public prosecutor in criminal justice system
Pages: 157-161  
Refugee law and policy: An examination of refugee response framework in Pakistan and European Union
Pages: 162-169  
Indian constitution & legislation endeavour for protection of environment
Pages: 170-173  
Role of national human right commission and the constitution of India
Pages: 174-178  
Need for United Nations reform to establish international peace and security
Pages: 179-184  
Applicability of limitation act to arbitration proceedings: A critical study
Pages: 185-187  
Right to information act: A step towards transparency and accountability
Pages: 188-191  
Trademark dilution: Infringing efforts to mint profits
Pages: 192-196  
Sports law in India - lex sportiva: A new statutory chapter
Pages: 197-199  
Applicable rules of statute of limitation: Comparative study of United States & Saudi Arabia
Pages: 200-203  
Rights of an accused in human right perspective
Pages: 204-206  
Commercial surrogacy: A challenge to motherhood
Pages: 207-210  
Global value added tax (VAT)/ goods and service tax (GST) trends
Pages: 211-219  
Trademark trafficking in cyberspace
Pages: 220-222  
Surrocacy: The concept of renting a womb
Pages: 223-225  
Government contracts: An American perspective
Pages: 226-232  
Judicial activism and social justice under the Indian constitution: A critical study
Pages: 233-235  
Euthanasia: A study in Indian perspective
Pages: 236-237  
Judicial activism in India
Pages: 238-242  
Encapsulation of a philosophy in appointment of judicial officers, the place of the cross river state judiciary in the achievement of environmental planning objectives under section 20 of the 1999 Nigeria constitution
Pages: 243-246  
Adoption in India: A critical analysis
Pages: 247-250  
Juvenile justice in India: Analytical study
Pages: 251-253  
White collar crime in India: Socio-legal study
Pages: 254-259  
Legislative attempt to criminalize Triple Talaq: A critical analysis of Shayra Bano’s Judgement
Pages: 260-265  
Right to service act: A modern approach curbing the bureaucratic red-tapism
Pages: 266-271  
Abortion law in India: The debate on its legality
Pages: 272-276  
Article 72: pardoning power not unbridled
Pages: 277-279  
Freedom of speech & expression: A study under the backdrop of 200th law commission report
Pages: 280-282  
Police reforms: India
Pages: 283-286  
Women’s human rights: International bill of human rights
Pages: 287-289  
Protection of Juveniles: A critical study in Indian and international perspective
Pages: 290-294  
Freedom of religion and criminal laws for religion
Pages: 295-297  
Mass media and democracy in India
Pages: 298-300  
Effects of unemployment and its relationship with crime
Pages: 301-303  
A critical appraisal of law & policy on prevention and control of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in India
Pages: 304-310  
Narco analysis test: A blessing to criminal justice system, its reliability and admissibility in light of various Judgements
Pages: 311-317