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International maritime legal regime and the escalation of flags of convenience practices
Pages: 01-09  
Atrocities within ‘public view’ under SC/ST (prevention of atrocities) act: A critical analysis
Pages: 10-14  
Media and democracy-legal prospective
Pages: 15-19  
Judicial contribution in enhancing environmental jurisprudence
Pages: 20-22  
Legal implication of unlawful dealing in new psychoactive substances in Nigeria
Pages: 23-30  
The rights of minorities under the constitution of India: An analysis
Pages: 31-35  
Empowerment of women: Concept, policy approach and implications
Pages: 36-40  
Law for international trade and its challenges
Pages: 41-42  
Minimally democratic administrative law
Pages: 43-47  
Protection of children against sexual abuse
Pages: 48-51  
The patents amendment Act, 2005 and TRIPS Compliance: A critique
Pages: 52-55  
Role of directive principles towards welfare of the state and social development in India
Pages: 56-60  
Effectiveness of income tax law for prevention of tax evasion & black money generation: A study of its impact on Indian economy
Pages: 61-66  
Analysis of goods act 1930 and the prevention of food adulteration act 1954
Pages: 67-69  
India-ASEAN free trade agreement
Pages: 70-71  
E-Commerce law and its legal Aspects
Pages: 72-74  
Emergence of measures on countervailing duties: An analysis
Pages: 75-81  
Diversity question in Nigeria: Analysing the role of the law and the challenges in ensuring the unity of the nation
Pages: 82-90  
Corporate ethics, value-based corporate governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The tools to curb the menace of corporate misconduct
Pages: 91-97  
One nation one election
Pages: 98-99  
State emergency under article 356 vis-à-vis Indian Federalism
Pages: 100-110  
Good governance and Panchayati Raj Institution
Pages: 111-113  
Criminal justice for the individual facing mental illness
Pages: 114-117