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Administrative law and judicial review of administrative action with a special emphasis on the writ of certiorari
Pages: 01-06  
Land reforms legislation in Goa: A commentary on controversial sunset clause proposed under the agricultural tenancy amendment act, 2014
Pages: 07-12  
A techno legal analysis of admissibility of digital photographs as evidence & challenges
Pages: 13-18  
Legal issues of impeachment of the president in Georgia
Pages: 19-23  
The maritime salvor as a volunteer adventurer
Pages: 24-28  
Justiciability of fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy: Under the 1999 Nigerian constitution
Pages: 29-37  
Human rights of persons with disabilities vis-a-vis international scenario
Pages: 38-39  
An analytical study of foreign direct investment in pharma sector of India
Pages: 40-42  
Regulation in electricity sector: Indian scenario
Pages: 43-47  
Future of Indian secularism
Pages: 48-49  
Direct democracy to the grassroots people: An overview the Madhya Pradesh panchayat raj act 2001
Pages: 50-54  
Lokpal bill a path of corruption free society in India
Pages: 55-58  
Relevancy of Khap Panchayat
Pages: 59-67  
Case studies of MSMEs and SMEs in Pune
Pages: 68-72  
The putative peril and how to report it by insurance in the maritime insurance
Pages: 73-78  
Role of women education in women empowerment and laws in India to help promote women education
Pages: 79-82  
The Right to non-discrimination and the protection of refugee status under Cameroonian law
Pages: 83-92  
An study of refugeeā€™s in India: The legal perspective
Pages: 93-98  
Social-Justice: Indian context
Pages: 99-100  
Private hospital liability uunder the current health care system private hospital liability
Pages: 101-106  
Medical negligence liability under consumer protection act: Judicial approaches in India
Pages: 107-110  
A study on challenges of women empowerment
Pages: 111-113  
The outlook of the human right to health and health care in some selected civil law and common law admiring countries of the world with special reference to India
Pages: 114-118  
Judicial review in USA: With special reference to protection of wetlands
Pages: 119-123  
A study on the Law relating to Public Health and Bioterrorism with special reference to Public Health (prevention, control and management of epidemics, bioterrorism and disasters) Bill, 2017
Pages: 124-127  
Doctrinal legal research method a guiding principle in reforming the law and legal system towards the research development
Pages: 128-130  
Challenging for law practitioner as the law enforcer in achieving reformation objectives in Indonesia
Pages: 131-132  
The role of law in molding character complying with the Indonesian state ideology
Pages: 133-134  
Doctrine of legitimate expectation: The emerging trends in Indian Judiciary
Pages: 135-142