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ISSN: 2455-2194

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A critical study of the role of prosecutor in criminal law
Pages: 01-07  
Uniform civil code and conflict of personal laws
Pages: 08-13  
Restorative justice penal system based from value of justice: A study in Kotawaringin city of Indonesia
Pages: 14-17  
Police discretion using restorative justice approach in peaceful settlement on traffic accidents
Pages: 18-23  
Consumer protection on contract information in e-commerce based on the justice value of pancasila
Pages: 24-31  
Criminal liability of corporate persons in Nigeria
Pages: 32-38  
The collaboration of investigative authorities in Nigeria-current issues and challenges
Pages: 39-48  
A socio-legal study of prison system and is reforms in India
Pages: 49-56  
The evil of dowry in India: A legal insight
Pages: 57-64  
International conventions for protecting inventions
Pages: 65-70  
Role of para-legal services in administration of justice: An empirical study of Shivpuri district
Pages: 71-77  
Constitutional duty to show respect to national anthem: A legislative and judicial response
Pages: 78-83  
Constitutionality and evidentiary value of narcoanalysis, polygraph & BEAP tests
Pages: 84-89  
A critical appraisal of implementation of law relating to human rights with special reference to enforcement system in India
Pages: 90-94  
Problems and prospects of Indian democracy
Pages: 95-97  
The role of independent directors in the corporate governance of Nigerian banks
Pages: 98-106  
Social justice and untouchability in India: A constitutional perspective
Pages: 107-111  
Damages replacement lawsuit for government action for publishing an adverse state administration decision
Pages: 112-118  
Corporate crime liability in corruption crimes based on justice values
Pages: 119-124  
Comparative study of observation of human dignity in death penalty in Iranian law and international documents
Pages: 125-128  
The possible effects of the new Hungarian civil code on the liability for damages of the healthcare service providers
Pages: 129-134  
X-raying the evolutionary trend vis-Ă -vis the prospects of the principle of individual criminal responsibility under international law
Pages: 135-147  
The rights of old age persons in India: A challenging facet of human rights
Pages: 148-150  
Implementation of international humanitarian law
Pages: 151-155  
Defining human dignity of child and education in India: Human rights perspectives
Pages: 156-159  
Right to access justice: A pragmatic view of legal aid system in Pakistan
Pages: 160-163  
Segment reporting in India and its comparative study under AS-17 and IFRS 8 as well as impact on corporate
Pages: 164-170  
The influence of parents’ criminal record on juvenile delinquency of correction and rehabilitation center of Bushehr in 2016
Pages: 171-177  
Legal protection of intellectual property rights in the field of trade secrets in Indonesia
Pages: 178-183  
Awareness regarding intellectual property rights a survey amongst the P.G. and Ph.D. students of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow
Pages: 184-190  
Judicial approaches on consumer protection in India
Pages: 191-193  
The effect of the instant registration of official documents in the current legal order of Iran
Pages: 200-205  
Embryonic reservation regime for human rights treaties
Pages: 206-209  
Problems of right of children to free and compulsory education in India: A critical study
Pages: 210-214  
International labour standards on migrant workers are basic Human rights: Impact and implementation a grim reality
Pages: 215-222  
The emergence and development of the administrative judiciary in Libya
Pages: 223-228  
Competition commission: Power, duty and functions
Pages: 229-242  
Transfer contingent happening of specified uncertain event: Recent trends in India
Pages: 243-247  
Analysis of the beneficial provisions of constitutional fifth schedule for tribal development
Pages: 248-253  
Court cases in India related to secularism
Pages: 254-255  
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