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The rule of international organizations to protecting environment of the countries during the war time
Pages: 01-05  
Directors’ fiduciary duties: Rwandan companies act choice and the possibility of progress
Pages: 06-14  
Evidentiary value of electronic document in domestic and international regulations
Pages: 15-20  
Law of Sedition: An Agent of Colonialism: A Critique
Pages: 21-26  
A descriptive study on ombudsman
Pages: 27-30  
Correlation between the doctrine of separability with competence- competence in Iran and the UK law
Pages: 31-34  
Development of Maritime carrier liability for goods transported by sea
Pages: 35-38  
Restorative justice system: A comparative analysis
Pages: 39-44  
Right to marry vis-Ă -vis religious freedom - A Study
Pages: 45-47  
Judicial accountability in India: A myth or reality
Pages: 48-51  
Sociology of law: An agrarian dispute settlement
Pages: 52-58  
Administrative law: Doctrine of necessity, doctrine of legitimate expectations and doctrine of delegation
Pages: 59-62  
Public hearing and environmental protection
Pages: 63-69  
A comparative study of delegated legislation: With special reference to United States of America and United Kingdom
Pages: 70-74  
Conceptual analysis of sub Delegation: An overview
Pages: 75-79  
Law of agrarian conflict and resolution effort: A claim dispute of Eigendom verponding Land
Pages: 80-88  
An study of E-commerce and its legal frame work: With special reference to India
Pages: 89-94  
Convergence of corporal punishment (Epically about children) in terms of criminal law of Iran and rules of international law
Pages: 95-97  
An overview of article 21 of the Indian constitution
Pages: 98-100  
Investors protection: The derivative action
Pages: 101-104  
Public interest litigation and corporate investors
Pages: 105-107  
SEBI and the protection of the investors
Pages: 108-110  
The concept of territorial borders in the light of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran
Pages: 111-116  
Evaluation of the presumption of legitimacy of a child and the Muslim law
Pages: 117-119  
Social change moral perspective conceptual case study by basuki Cahya Purnama as Jakarta governor with insulting a religion in Indonesia
Pages: 120-122  
Educational rights of minorities: A constitutional conundrum
Pages: 123-128  
An overview of the antitrust model of telecommunications regulation in the USA: A case for the Nigeria legal regime
Pages: 129-136  
An evaluation of the telecommunications regulation in the European Union and The United States of America
Pages: 137-144  
Voluntary transfer conditions of contract in the rights of Iran, Britain and International documents
Pages: 145-153  
Law relating to Electronic voyeurism in India: Eyes behind the mirror
Pages: 154-157  
Emergency arbitration under institutional arbitration rules: A comparative study
Pages: 158-160  
Anti beggary laws in India: A critical analysis
Pages: 161-163  
Cultural and educational rights of religions minorities
Pages: 164-171  
Personal laws and the religions freedom
Pages: 172-175  
Religious freedom VIS-A-VIS national interest and social reforms
Pages: 176-179  
Analysis of the beneficial provisions of constitutional framework of legal rights and the legislative enactment of the disabled persons in India
Pages: 180-185  
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