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Role of Legal Aid in Contemporary India
Pages: 01-04  
Adoption of good faith in English contract law
Pages: 05-07  
Dishonour of cheque: An overview
Pages: 08-11  
Protection of good Samaritans: A study in the light of Supreme Court’s decision in save life foundation case
Pages: 12-13  
The economic and financial crimes commission and its role in curbing corruption in Nigeria: Evaluating the success story so far
Pages: 14-22  
Improve the legal status of the parties in the institute of appeal courts arbitrage of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Pages: 23-26  
The role of the heads of states in modern international contract law
Pages: 27-30  
International parliamentary cooperation: A historico-political perspective
Pages: 31-35  
Interim measures (for example, civil cases)
Pages: 36-38  
The concept of interested (Concerned) person to trademark in accordance with the legislation of Uzbekistan: Legal analysis and proposals
Pages: 39-41  
The role of the chamber of accounts in the implementation of the state financial control: The experience of Uzbekistan
Pages: 42-43  
Civil-law problems connected with obligatory drawn contracts
Pages: 44-46  
Comparative analysis of modern foreign legislation on the right to building
Pages: 47-53  
Maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens act, 2007: A critical analysis
Pages: 54-58  
Observing international commutative contracts and the damage of postpone in rendering properties in the 1980 Convention and comparing it with Iran Civil law
Pages: 59-64  
Concept of juvenility and juvenile justice
Pages: 65-67  
Extent of judicial intervention in the arbitral regime: Contemporary scenario
Pages: 68-70  
Criminal responsibility for the use of torture some of countries CIS
Pages: 71-73  
Non special inquiry agencies (Using urgent investigative actions the legal basis for the inquiry activity and the improvement of their)
Pages: 74-76  
Do the emergency services have a duty of care towards individual members of the public? A critique under the English tort law
Pages: 77-81  
Civil society organizations and its limitation
Pages: 82-84  
Constitutional and judicial perspectives on environment protection
Pages: 85-86  
Study of related theories and sections of Hindu marriage act, 1955
Pages: 87-89  
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