International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 6, Issue 6 (2020)

Evolution and need for sports law in India with regards to current judicial trends

Author(s): Anshi Mudgal
Abstract: A sport is a physical activity carried out under an agreed set of rules, with recreational purposes: for competition or self-enjoyment or a combination of these. A game is a recreational activity involving one or more players, defined by a goal that the players try to reach, and some set of rules to play it. But with the increase in competition the need to regulate such activates was also realised. Therefore the need for laws that regulates sports and the complexities that go with it were developed. Sports law is the field of law that applies to the persons who are involved in the field of sports. It touches a variety of Laws including contract, tort, agency, antitrust, constitutional, labour, trademark, Sex Discrimination, criminal, and tax issues etc. some laws are dependent on the status of the athlete and some laws differ according to the sport. There are a large number of issues such as monopoly amongst the office bearers, lack of equipment facilities, corruption, doping, match Fixing etc. The present paper is inclined to discuss all such aspects of sports law in Indian context in 3 parts, firstly the evolution of sports law, secondly the need of sports law which would discuss all issues that are prevalent in the present times and thirdly the current judicial trends with regards to Sports law.
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