International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 6, Issue 6 (2020)

Legal significance of signing covenant forms by evaluation committees in tendering processes in Tanzania Mainland

Author(s): Mohammed Saheb Hussain, Moh’d Masoud Khartoum
Abstract: The paper focuses on legal significance of signing covenants forms by evaluation committee in tendering processes in Tanzania Mainland. The authors of the paper believe that, when an importance of signing covenant forms is realized perfectly by evaluation committee members; there is a high possibility of building a robust procurement system in Tanzania Mainland. The main purpose of signing covenant forms by evaluation committee members is to enable them performing evaluation functions transparently and with high integrity. The first part of the paper deals about the introduction. The second part is about Tender Evaluation Process in Public Procurement in Tanzania Mainland. Tender evaluation process is mainly meant to be steps that are the Evaluation Committee normally follows when making evaluation of the tender assigned. The third part spells on legal framework on covenant forms in evaluation process in Tanzania Mainland. This encourages evaluation committee members to observe equality and preserve confidentiality in respect of bids submitted by the Bidders. The part covers signing covenants forms by evaluation committee members, in terms of the procurement laws and regulations in place, is mandatory and not an option. Every committee member participating in the evaluation process is therefore, obliged to sign the covenants forms. The last part is concluded in this paper that, it is a requirement under current public procurement laws applicable that each and every evaluation committee member to sign covenants forms which are provided to them during evaluation process.
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