International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 6, Issue 5 (2020)

Building a modern public court based on a quality assurance accreditation system towards a court of excellence in Indonesia

Author(s): Frida Ariyani, Gunarto, Umar Ma’ruf
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors that influence the development of a modern public court through the Quality Assurance Accreditation System and to find a modern model of general justice development through the Quality Assurance Accreditation System. Method of research used i this research are juridical-empirical where the research type is qualitative research with a sociological juridical approach (Socio-Legal Approach). Based on the results of research and discussion, the authors conclude that the implementation of the Quality Assurance Accreditation System (APM) is needed in order to build a modern public court towards a great judicial body as a guarantee for justice seekers. The Supreme Court has developed seven indicators namely leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, process management, documentation system, resource management, and performance results. Through the seven indicators of Quality Assurance Accreditation, all stakeholders involved in judicial services have an obligation to fulfill the seven indicators. In its implementation, the development of a modern public court through the Quality Assurance Accreditation system (APM) is influenced by three things, namely the existing laws and regulations; Supreme Court institutional structure and culture developed in the organization of the Supreme Court, High Court and District Court. The ideal Quality Assurance Accreditation System (APM) is First, performance-oriented results in Judges' Decisions to implement Laws and carry out Legislation or Legal Discovery. Second, Increase Public Satisfaction with the Performance of Judges, Substitute Registrars and Services for Service Users and, Third, International Certification Obligations, in addition to, it also need to qualify 10 Quality Assurance Criteria for General Courts, namely: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Process Management, Documentation Systems, Management Resources, Performance Results, Legislation by User Satisfaction Judges and International Certification.
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