International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 6, Issue 5 (2020)

Remote sensing and dissemination of information: A legal perspective

Author(s): Sangadala Dheera Kanishka, Boya Supriya
Abstract: Today, every country is evolving internationally and territorially. Such relevant information from satellite and remote sensing data, the application of the GIS, military and strategic requirements, monitoring and protection systems has become increasingly important. The world is experiencing a growing demand for geospatial information and high standards of remote sensing data, with the most need for military situations. That is why the most of the satellite-based countries set up satellite-based technologies and generates massive amounts of data under the veil covering their satellite remote sensing approach. The reasons may be that strategy is missing and that the data obtained could be kept confidential to protect the sovereignty of States. Besides promulgating computer technology, there is growing dependence on digital data in almost all areas of life such as e-government, the service sector and healthcare. In addition, there are specific management and delivery problems that torment real time access to digital repositories, the majority of which are Web-based. Another significant issue with data sources is the control of the quality, exploration, consistency, validity and accuracy concerns. In this article, the authors considerably analysed various dimensions of ‘remote sensing’ and ‘dissemination of the information’ that is obtained. Also, the management of such sensitive information is quite tough and requires great technical support. In this paper, some broad perceptions on remote sensing and data handlings & approaches of various nations have been sketched out, particularly those relating to the accessibility of data in the open area.
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