International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2020)

Rising cyber-crimes threatening Indian web security: A legal analysis

Author(s): Shibanee Acharya
Abstract: Cyber-crime is a type of criminal activity carried out over web. This term is broader in nature as it has twofold effects. The positive aspect is that people are getting aware about the various issues, actively participating and making their views. Besides, the advancements in technology are providing even more opportunities for teenagers. Computers are getting smaller, faster, more powerful and cheaper than ever before. The negative impact arises when people wish to protect their children from the biggest lure of the century. There have been innumerate warnings from the media and law enforcing agencies, yet the problem seems to be escalating. The tragedy is that the people with wrong intentions think it as a safe place for theft. This study examines all the crucial things involved in this subject area. This work aims to analyze the various aspects from the society’s point of view. This work does not cover all the corners involved in cyber law but briefly studies some major aspects as per the topic. This work investigates from the societal point of view which shows certain rules in cyber legislations need to be stringent in nature. As a result of which, the ratio of crimes arising in the cyber zone can be controlled for the betterment of people at large. This study also targets the parents to give their time to their children properly, discuss important findings in web, do not be harsh upon them, so that the child might turn rebellious and think twice before telling lie.
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