International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2020)

An overview of prolonged African Crisis and its solution

Author(s): Ishan Singh
Abstract: Africa is the second-largest continent, the second-most-populous continent and the richest continent in terms of natural resources in the world. But despite so many things attached to it, Africa has continuously been in the state of emergency. This article discusses the main theme of the African crisis and what is the primary solution for such a crisis. As Africa is home to regular conflicts and violence it is very difficult for the continent to be brought back to normal living. In this article, the main focus is to point out some of the major countries in Africa which are severely affected by conflicts and violence. The central idea of this article is to provide a solution to such problems. It is the prolonged crisis which has further brought Africa is the severe state of emergency. Africa is gradually transforming into a war zone. Economic crisis, unemployment, malnutrition, extreme poverty, riot, poor health service, poor governance, armed rebellion groups are some of the reason which is weakening the organisation who are continuously trying to uplift Africa. The most affected group from all this violence are women and children. An efficient government will empower its citizen to fight against all odds. One of the major goals of the government should be to eradicated extreme poverty, upliftment of suppressed group, promote cultural diversity and fight apartheid.
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