International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2020)

Role of sri sarvada foundation

Author(s): Rashmi Kumari
Abstract: Coronavirus has been there for many decades but it confuses best of the brains due to its chameleon-like behavior-changing its RNA now and then (mutates)- now as covid19. It’s not going to leave behind just damages and destruction but is going to bequeath myriads of issues like unforeseen changes in social, cultural, psychological, legal, and scientific attitudes which will again lead to myriads of effects in day to day lives of humans. The current devastating attack of Covid-19 has exposed among other things the limitations of human knowledge. Common people who are huge in numbers and great sufferers need education as their first ‘protective gear.’ This and all the woes that inflict people have one basic cure-KNOWLEDGE. This paper focuses on the role of SARVDA FOUNDATION. and highlights that how Sarvada Foundation puts all its resources to work by creating awareness among people regarding the nature of the virus, the ability of Coronavirus to strike in different ways, how to protect themselves by the use of sanitizers, soaps, mask and how social distancing works. Without knowledge, all the instructions fall flat as all the instructions and laws become rituals (often misunderstood and broken) make no sense to them SSF Foundation distributes this knowledge to all. This paper also tries to focus on the vision of SSF for continuously involved in grooming, educating, and changing attitudes of people, mainly, the poor and “uneducated” people- All with an understanding of new society.
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