International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 5, Issue 4 (2019)

Realisation of right to health and health care in India: Strategy at government level for its effectuation

Author(s): Dr. Prasant Kumar Swain
Abstract: Health and health care has been considered as a basic right of human being. Considering the importance of health many International Covenants had incorporated provisions relating to health. In all these situation it becomes the duty of the State to make effective Law and provision to provide the health care to the citizen in the country. Thus all the countries across the globe are having their own mechanism to attain health care for their citizen. The situation of health care in India has been considered to be very poor in the International context. According to the reports in India about 66% of people die due to poor health care and 33% of people have no access to health care. The government of India inconsonance with the International covenants had made many legislations and draw plans and policies to provide health care to its citizen and more specifically to the poor and weaker section of the people. Many special drives to eradicate epidemic and endemic diseases are successfully undertaken and awareness among the ignorant mass had been created so as to control the spread of epidemics. But in spite of all efforts the ground level picture of the health care system in India depicts a grim picture. Here there is insufficient doctors in hospitals, no sanitation and cleanliness in the health care units. The Hospitals are not properly equipped for the diagnosis of the disease. And the position of supply of medicine is also not up to mark. In this condition the ordinary citizen cannot have faith in the public health care system and at times some people are forced to use this only as in case of economic constraint. In spite of the government’s plans policies and people centric projects, the grim condition of public health care system indicate that there may be some gap in the plans and policies designed in the government level and its implementation. Further, the attitude of individuals in the society towards the general health care is decreasing day by day. The gaps if fulfilled can protect the right to health of the citizen in India.
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