International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 5, Issue 4 (2019)

Triple Talaq in Islam

Author(s): Kushika Chachra
Abstract: In this cohesive age, where religion decides your fate, triple talaq is a construed adversity on Muslim Women. My purpose of writing a research paper on triple talaq was to bring in notice the problems faced by the women of Muslim community, not only in the eyes of Islamic religionist but also, in the eyes of people belonging to other religions, I, myself being a Hindu. The research paper contains the extensive explanation of talaq in Muslim personal laws, and describes of instant triple talaq is considered as a wrong practice in Islam. Talaq should be given according to the Hanafi procedure which is also provided in the paper. I have researched variedly the view of instant talaq with accordance to the Indian Judiciary and maintenance is a constitutional and legal right of the wife and the children and is provided in the various legislations. The triple talaq ordinance as provided by the government, statutorily protect the Muslim women and imposes penal punishment on the husband for such a crime. In conclusion, I have gathered that instant triple talaq is a more constructive practise in the middle class and lower middle class strata of Muslims. Reconciliation methods are not adoptive in between the families as well as they should be. As a human, it is the duty of us, as one, to protect, nurture and cause process each other.
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