International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2019)

Impact of Globalization on Rights to education in comparative learning methods (Generally, and Islamic learning Methods)

Author(s): Naqibullah Saqib, Ihsanullah Nasih, Mustafa Niazi
Abstract: The development, improvement and betterment of every society belong to the children so children must be given a considerable and distinctive attention. For instance, healthcare, education and training of them ought to be considered because children are innocent persons who are not independent themselves/don’t rely on themselves but they do need assistance, cooperation, mercy and compassion of the elders instead. The minds/brain of children is just like blank pages, whatsoever they observe from their elders similarly they imitate and copy them. Anyways, the future of every country can be stabilized through children’s accurate and sound education. As it is clear that as a great part of children’s education and training spent in educational/academic institutions/centers so here our discussing issue/topic is the “skills and methods “of educating and training children in academic institutions that in this magazine the light is going to be shed upon these methods, Such as the first method is the lecture-method, another is discussion method and the third one is method of investigation or negotiation as well as The Muslim’s religious book Qur’an is also mentioned some Methods of Teaching we want to mention here for example: Kindness and Patience, No Anger on Students, Moderation, Providing Examples, Discussion/Dialogue Method, The Method of Repetition these methods learning is done in a gathered way This method is to familiarize students with research or to make students fond of investigation and analysis. In addition, another method is the method of competition/contest in which students compete with one another. Also, another is the method of story-telling which is applied as a story. Additionally, there is a project-method that is good for physical, social and mental activities. In this sequence another method is the method of practical activities that is used in lower-level classes. Classification or testing teaching method is another one in this order. Moreover, one more method is the method exhibition in which films and movie clips are used to educate students or children. The other is “From Sum to Part “method and vice versa “From Part to Sum” in this method once the parts of details are described then the sum or main topic is explained. Then comes up the observation method in this method the trainer/teacher/lecturer observes the training or teaching procedure from start to end. Practice or revision method in this method the lecture or lesson is repeated again and over-again and it is mostly used in lower-level classes. Book-reading method which is very old method one but is still used without any interruption. In addition to this Questioning and Answering method exists. Educational/Academic tour method, Group method is a method that motivates students towards hardworking and overall lesson or lecture takes place altogether and finally it strengthens motive of cooperation or cooperativeness in students. We are going to shed light on such issues and other related issues in upcoming pages.
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