International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2018)

Economic Jurisprudence: A Nepalese legal perspective

Author(s): Rashesh Vaidya
Abstract: The concept of economic jurisprudence emerged from an inter-relationship between the application of economic theory and the practice of law. The main concept of economic jurisprudence is that a nation should be capable to provide economic justice to every citizen through proper integration between the legal system and economic system, In other words, the political economy of country is fully dependent on the jurisprudential theory adopted by the nation in formulation of constitution, acts and another legal basis for sustainable economic growth of the nation. The paper tried to elaborate on how the economic theories and jurisprudence interlinked and how the theories were developed in economics as well as in law inter-depending on each other. Similarly, the paper elaborates the inter-relationship of law and economics in context to Nepalese legal and economic environment. Similarly, the paper tried to show in context to Nepal’s transition process of the proclamation of New Constitution through the second Constituent Assembly, 2013 and enactment of new Country Codes as well as new acts as per the necessity of the emerging socio-economic environment. Ultimately, the paper tries to show how the legal systems of a nation or acts, rules and regulations can also make a breakthrough in the economic development of the nation and vice versa.
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