International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 4, Issue 5 (2018)

Speedy justice: A constitutional norm

Author(s): Bharat Singh Saini
Abstract: Justice: The word “Justice” has a very comprehensive meaning. In its common usage, it means rendering every man his due. Three great objects are covered by the concept of justice. It is “the security of life”, “individual liberty” and the “pursuit of happiness”. Justice is the basis of the state. It is surety bond of all commerce. Patient and impartial hearings are important ingredients of Justice. An American Jurist Hans Kelsen explained the contents and concept of justice in the following words:- “Justice is social happiness. It is happiness guaranteed by a social order. The happiness that a social order is able to assure cannot be happiness in a subjective individual sense; it must be happiness in an objective collective sense, that is to say, by happiness we must understand the satisfaction of certain needs recognized by social authority, the law gives as needs worthy of being satisfied, such as the need to be fed, clothed, housed and the like.” Legal Justice: Justice is of wide connotation to take in social justice, political justice, economic justice, legal justice, etc., but what we are now concerned with broad principles applied uniformly and impartially to one and all. Justice has to be administered by the courts according to law and procedure. Applied to the court of law, justice is nothing more or less than equitable application of law.
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