International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2018)

Land resource governance and farmers-herders conflict in Nigeria

Author(s): Imongan Ernest Omokhoa, Chukwuemeka Egberase Okuchukwu
Abstract: This paper examined land resource governance and farmers-herders conflict in Nigeria. The allocation of land resource is posing a great conflict between farmers and herdsmen across various communities in Nigeria. The inadequacies in land resource governance and laws have also contributed to the conflict between these two major groups. The study adopted a qualitative approach by employing the use of secondary data as well as primary data through the conduct of key informant interview on the various groups involved in conflict in Nigeria. The data collected from secondary source and the key informant interview were analyzed through the aid of narrative analysis. It was revealed that the existing land resource governance laws are inadequate in curbing the menace of violent attacks on farmers by herdsmen in Nigeria. it was further revealed that the cause of the violent conflict between farmers-herders in Nigeria are the negligence on the part of the government to have good policies that govern cattle rearing in Nigeria; the destruction of crops by herdsmen; no enough grasses for cattle to graze on thereby resulting in migration; community leaders, elders/ village head collecting money from herdsmen before they are allowed access to grazing land; and lack of sincerity/ commitment on the part of the government to implement/ enforce existing laws regulating resources/ possession of firearms in Nigeria. Majority of the key informant affirms that resource governance (i.e. inadequacy in laws regulating resources) is a contributing factor or reason for the conflict between farmers-herders in Nigeria. This study recommended, amongst others, that appropriate laws regulating the activities of herdsmen/ farmers should be established in areas where these conflicts are rife and implemented to the latter.
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