International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2017)

The need to observe natural law in judicial decisions in Nigeria

Author(s): Hilary Nwaechefu, Okunowo Oladele, Ademola O Ojekunle
Abstract: An accused person has constitutional safeguards in the course of his trial under the Nigerian criminal justice. Civil litigants also have rules and principles that guide them in seeking redress in law court of Nigeria. The objectives of this paper is to examine to what extent the judicial process in Nigeria has been achieving justice for litigants by the application of natural law as a guide in judicial judgments. This paper will approach the problems in the Nigerian judicial decisions by reference to Internet sources, Newspaper Publications, Law text books and Law Reports This paper seeks to point out the place of natural laws, morality in the administration of justice. It looks critically at the input of morality and natural law in the laws that are used to administer justice in our civil and criminal jurisprudence. It also takes a critical look and analysis of the judgments of the Apex court and the lower court and deduce to what extent these decisions conform to morality and natural law. This paper concludes by noting that some of the judgments lack the coloration of natural law, lack the application of canon law, lack moral tone while some actually conformed to the principle of morality, natural law, equity and good conscience. This paper recommends the strict observance of morality and natural law in future judgments.
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