International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2016)

Status of women in modern reproductive clinics: Legal and ethical issues

Author(s): Mrs. Pyali Chatterjee
Abstract: Whenever we talkedrnabout modernization and urbanisation somewhere we overlooked the negativernimpact of it in the entire world. Modernization and Urbanisation not onlyrnhelped in the development of the society but it has increases crime also.rnBecause somewhere poverty, increased with modernization and Urbanisation. Andrnit is also found that behind many crimes poverty is one of the causes whichrnforced the poor people to commit crime and sometimes they themselves become thernvictim of the crime committed by well educated person of our society. One ofrnsuch crime is trafficking of women for surrogate mother and egg donor forrnReproductive Clinics.We all know about Commercial Surrogacy as this topic has become one ofrnthe burning topics for discussion and research in 21st Century. Asrnthrough this technique not only single parents can have their own baby butrnlesbians and Gay people also can have their own baby through this process. Nowrnthe question is if this technique is really good for the society then why thisrntechnique is not free from negative impact? The answer is that, there is norndoubt that this technique is one of the best invention of science andrntechnology but this technique has also increased crime against women in entirernworld because women were used in the reproductive clinic or ReproductivernIndustries as a fuel and the end product of this Reproductive Industries is thernbaby born from this technique. Trafficking of women for Surrogacy can be foundrnfrom the cases of Baby 101, death of Susma Pandey, case of SABYC Clinic inrnRomania etc lots of examples are their which proves that Commercial Surrogacyrnhas increased crime against women in entire world which need to control throughrnstrong law.
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