International Journal of Law

ISSN: 2455-2194

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2016)

The role of Sunnah in promoting socio-economic conditions in Nigeria

Author(s): Malam Yusuf Muhammad Yunus, Dr Sulaiman Olayiwola Rabiu
Abstract: Nigerian society is multi-religious in search of a viable solution to its problems which posed threats to her since almost fifty-two years of her independence. Over the years, various policies have been introduced by the Federal, state and local governments in an attempt to address the many problems confronting Nigeria socially, economically and politically. Some of the policies during the Military era led to the establishment of Directorate for Food and Rural Infrastructure (DIFRI), Mass Agency for Mobilization and Socio-Economic Recovery (MAMSER), Poverty Reduction Programme and Poverty Alleviation Policy to mention but a few. However, these policies have failed to tackle the problems of Nigeria. Sunnah as a designed path by Allah with instructions from Him to His beloved Prophet to teach mankind so that in the society there will be peaceful co-existence. The ignorance of Sunnah of the Prophet in our society hinder our development. Hence, this paper presents the beautiful picture of the life of the Noble Prophet and his practice i.e. his Sunnah for our generation to emulate.
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